Selmun Peninsula

Lying in between St. Paul's Bay and Mellieha, the Selmun peninsula provides some great walking country, particularly in winter and early spring when Malta blooms.

Belle View to Mistra Bay. We started out from the bus stops at Belle View again but this time, after taking the right fork at the palace, we walked straight to Fort Campbell. After spending some time exploring the ruins, we left the fort and followed round the outside, keeping the walls of the fort on our right. We then descended the muddy path that led down to the salt pans. After spending some time there enjoying some spectacular waves, we continued on along increasingly narrow footpaths, keeping the bay on our left. We descended to Mistra Bay and continued round to the far end, then climbed the steep path to Tal-Kortin, skirting a deep sinkhole on our right, until we reached the main road where we caught our bus back.
Total time: 2 hours.

Belle View to Mellieha Bay, via Selmun Salt Pans. We started out from the bus stops at Belle View, outskirts of Mellieha, crossing the main road and following the quiet road leading towards Selmun Palace, stopping to admire some spectacular views across St. Paul's Bay. We took the right fork at the Palace and then another right fork, following the road to the right in the direction of Mistra Bay. However, we took a rough path to the left, just opposite some derelict buildings. This took us gradually downhill, keeping St. Paul's Bay to our right, with some excellent views across to St. Paul's Island, finally reaching the Selmun Salt Pans. We explored these for a while and then left them, climbing a rough path, still keeping the sea on our right. This eventually brought us out at the walls of Fort Campbell. This fort was uaes by the British army during the Second World War but is now derelict. [It's possible to explore the remains of this fort but be very careful as it's dangerous in places]. We followed the path around the fort and then turned in the direction of Selmun Palace, completing a large loop. However, before reaching the Palace we took a right turn, taking a rough downhill path that followed a large stone wall. At the bottom we turned left and, after a few hundred yards, took an overgrown path between two farm buildings [if the road you're on turns sharply to the left then you've missed it]. Shortly after the path widened out we turned right again taking a path that eventually took us to Selmun beach (Mgiebah Bay), a delightful, tiny, deserted sandy beach. We couldn't resist cooling down with a swim in the blue, crystal clear water. We returned uphill but then turned right through a rough car park, finding the coastal path that eventually brough us out at Ghajn Zetuna Cove, outskirts of Mellieha. The final part of the walk took us past numerous 'boathouses' and then the Knights' Westreme Battery, now a small museum. We finished at Mellieha Bay where we caught the bus back.
Total time: a very steady 4 hours, including swimming.

Selmun Palace
Mistra Bay
St. Paul's Island
Selmun Salt Pans
Selmun beach (Mgiebah Bay)
Zejtuna Bay
Westreme Battery
Mellieha Bay
Dry stone walls at Selmun
Selmun salt pans
Mistra Bay