Marsalforn, Gozo

A choice of quiet country paths from around Victoria leads to the area around Marsalforn with its hills, bays, salt pans and much more.

West of Ramla, GozoRamla Bay to Marsalforn. For the third leg of our journey round the coast of Gozo, we took the 322 bus to Ramla Bay. We turned right towards the bay but then turned left behind the row of kiosks to follow a narrow coastal path. This brough us out at a tiny, deserted sandy beach where we stopped for a swim, enjoying some rlling waves. From here we decided to climd the hill rather than return the way we came. This proved to be difficult but we eventually arrived at a path which we took to the right. However, this petered out so we headed downhill to the coast. Turning inland, we found another path that first of all skirted a mall forest of bambo and then plunged through a bamboo 'tunnel'. We emerged to carry on along the path that eventually brought us out at Marsalforn, from where we caught the bus back to Mgarr.

Christ the Saviour, MarsalfornVictoria to Marsalforn via 'Christ the Saviour'. Although we'd frequently walked in the Marsalforn area, we'd never visited the huge statue, known as 'Christ the Saviour' that stands on an imposing hill overlooking Marsalforn. We took the bus from the ferry to Victoria and set off downhill along the Marsalforn road. After about 3 kilometres, we turned left onto a concrete farm path that led directly towards the statue. After a while, the path became very rough and very steep. Eventually, we had to scramble the last few metres to finally reach the statue. We stayed a while, taking in some stunning views across northern Gozo. We then returned the way we came before returning to the Marsalforn road turning left to the bay, where we finished our walk with a refreshing swim.
Total time: 2 hours, including some scrambling & swimming.

Citadella in the distance
View of Marsalfron
View of Marsalforn Harbour
Christ the Saviour close up
Marsalforn swimming
Tiny beach west of Ramla, Gozo
View of Ramla Bay, Gozo