Marfa Ridge

This ridge runs across the entire north-west of Malta and provides some of Malta's nest walking country with spectacular sea views across the bays and islands.

Gozo ferry viewed from Armier BayRamla Tal-Qortin to Ramla Tat-Torri. This was a straightforward walk starting from the car park behind the Ramla Hotel. We followed the path towrda Armier Bay then followed the coast, enjoying the superb views across the bay to Gozo and Comino. After stopping to pet a group of animals, we took the path to the right of the 'White Tower' to arrive at Ramla Tat-Torri. Fom here we returned the way we'd come stopping for a swim followed by a coffee on the way back.
Total time: 2 hours, including swimming.

Dragonara SinkholeMellieha Bay to Armier Bay, via Madonna Statue. We set off early from Mellieha Bay, heading north and then taking a right turn along the road leading behind the Mellieha Bay Hotel. We followed the road round to the right until we reached the coast, turning left to follow the clifftop path with its outstanding views across the bay. We skirted the small lagoon of Ghar Baqrat, where sevral yachts lay at anchor. Then we folowed the line of fortifications, the Ta' Qassisu Entrenchment, before climbing slightly away from the coast to join the road for a short way. We then took a narrow path to the right to explore the various clifftop paths, eventually arriving at the Madonna Statue, gazing out across the Mediterannean. We paid a short visit to the Kuncizzjoni Chapel where we read about the Yelkouan Shearwater Project and the various tales about the chapel. We then passed through a gap in the wall behind the chapel, following paths that led diagonally to the small road leading down to a caravan park. As the sun broke through, we were rewarded by a magnificent view across to the island of Comino and distant Gozo. Here, we took a diversion to the right, keeping the fence on our right until we came out at the Dragonara Sinkhole. This deep 'inland sea' is fed through a crack in the cliffs. We returned to follow a path that led round the base of the 'White Tower' (Torri L-Abjad). We followed the line of fortifications, partly hidden by the many 'boathouses', stopping to take a dip in the clear blue waters of Armier Bay. We then headed inland before skirting the Ramla and Riviera hotels to catch our bus home.
Total time: 3 1/2 hours, including exploring and swimming.

Paradise Bay[Paradise Bay to Red Tower. We got off the bus outside the Paradise Bay Hotel, one stop before the Ferry Terminal at Cirkewwa. Walking back a short way, we turned right along the newly-tarmacked road leading to Paradise Bay. There, we crossed the car park and descended the steps to the small but very attractive sandy beach where we enjoyed an early swim. Returning to the top of the steps, we took a sharp righ turn to folow a rough path along the cliff top. As the path petered out, we headed diagonally inland until we came across a better defined path that took us past the D-Dahar sinkhole. Here, we descended the rough path [taking very great care] that took us into the interior of the large cave. After exploring te cave we returned to the path and continued on our way, eventually joining a tarmac road. After a few yards we started to climb the very rough path to the left that leads up to the top of the ridge [lots of loose stones]. At the top, we turned right to the radar station, where we explored the cliff top. We then walked back along the road in the direction of the Red Tower. We took a short diverion to explore the ancient apiary [look out for a viewing area to the righ, just before the road swings to the right - there's a path just after this that leads to a short flight of rough steps - the apiary is on a platform to the right]. We returned to the road and walked past the Red Tower. We then took a footpath to te right that led us down to Mellieha Bay where we caught our bus.
Total time: a little over 3 hours, most of it spent swimming and exploring.

D-Dahar sinkhole entrance D-Dahar sinkhole interior D-Dahar sinkhole roof Gozo Ta 'Cenc cliffs in the distance Radar station, south-west tip of Marfa Ridge Ancient beehives near Red Tower
Red Tower Mellieha bay, early morning Ghar Baqrat Ta 'Qassisu Entrenchment Madonna Statue Kuncizzjoni Chapel
Torri L-Abjad Armier Redoubt Armier Bay Animals near Armier Bay Ramla Tat-Torri