The village of Dingli provides a base for some of the best walks in Malta, with the Dingli cliffs, Buskett Gardens and Clapham Junction 'cart ruts' all nearby.

Dingli cliffsBuskett Gardens to Dingli Cliffs. Starting from the car park at the far end of Buskett Gardens, we took the road towards Dingli but turned left immediately outside the Gardens and climbed the road leading to 'Clapham Junction', where ancient 'Cart Ruts' criss cross. We carried on until we reached the Ta' San Gorg caves. After exploring these,we continued on towards a large quarry before turning right towards Dingli Cliffs, Malta's highest point. Here we turned right towards the 'golf ball' radio tower but stopped, first of all at the chapel overlooking the sea and then at the new Dingli Information Centre. Leaving the Centre, we turned inland following a series of paths before turning right to bring us back out at Buskett.
Total time: 3 hours.

Blue GrottoBlue Grotto to Dingli Cliffs. We took the 201 bus from Rabat, following a very scenic route along Dingli Cliffs and through Siggiewi, before eventually alighting at the Blue Grotto. With heavy waves buffeting the shoreline, it was clear that we wouldn't be swimming in the sea today. After exploring the Wied Iz-Zurrieq Creek for a while, we set off back up the hill. After a slight detour to photograph the Blue Grotto itself we turned left and, after a few hundred metres, left again towards the Hagar Qim Temples. We skirted the temples, turning left towards the coast where we took a look at the Tal-Hamrija Tower and the Congreve Memorial before returning uphill past the Mnajdra Temples. We then skirted a series of disused quarries, eventually arriving back on the road. At the road island we turned right in the direction of Siggiewi but then turned left into a narrow road, just after the Bouverie Aqueduct. We continued along this road for about 2 kilometres, past the Lunzjata Chapel, stopping to admire a girna (stone hut), to arrive at the chapel of Tal-Karmnu. From here we carried on, taking a right fork to skirt an area of caves, the Bronze Age settlement of Wardija Ta' San Gorg. The path became very stony and steep, eventually bringing us out at Dingli Cliffs where we walked another kilometre or so before catching the 201 back to Rabat.
Total time: 4 hours.

Fishing near Blue Grotto
Hagar Qim Temples
Tal-amrija Tower
Congreve Memorial
Mnajdra Temples
Bouverie Aqueduct
Lunzjata Chapel
Girna near Tal-Karmnu
View from Dingli Cliffs
Farmhouse, Dingli Cliffs
Chapel, Dingli Cliffs
Buskett Gardens