Bajda Ridge

Xemxija to Golden Bay. We took the 221 bus to Xemxija (several other buses pass by including the 221, 223, 41 and 42), getting off at the bottom of the hill at the far end of St. Paul's Bay. We turned right off the bus then left to start climbing the steep hill that led to the start of the Roman Road and the Xemxija Heritage Trail. Climbing steeply along this rough path, we took a diversion to the right near the menhir, a large standing stone, to explore the Cave of the Galley. Returning to the Roman Road, we climbed a few yards further, stopping to explore the ancient beehives and, via a rough track, a large collapsed cave. A short way further up the Roman Road we came upon another cave, the Cave of Burials, the Old Carob Tree and behind it, yet more caves and ancient beehives. Returning to the Roman Road, we carried on as far as a 'crossroads' of footpaths. We turned right here to visit the Punic Tombs, Farmer's Hut and caves. Following a set of steps alongside the caves, we crossed an area pockmarked with neolithic tombs. Reaching a side road we turned left to find a narrow path leading down to another Roman Road. Here we turned right towards a World War II pillbox. Behind this we descended a flight of rough steps leading to the remains of a Roman Baths. Returning to the path, we crossed it to view some ancient 'Cart Ruts'. Returning to the footpath, we then headed left, following the path all the way towards towards the west coast of Malta, keeping the woodland on our left and the valley on our right. We eventually turned left and then right, taking another path that eventually brought us out on the cliffs of the Majjistral Country Park with its spectacular views of the northwest coast of Malta and the white cliffs of Gozo in the distance. We turned left, keeping the sea on our right, eventually descending towards the rear of the Golden Sands Hotel. We finished our walk by following a path through what was once a British military site at the end of which we turned right and right again to bring us to Golden Bay and its bus stops.
Total time: 2 hours of easy walking.