Malta History

The tiny islands of the Malta archipelago contain an astonishing amount of history. Stone age peoples, builders of unbelievably ancient temples, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish, Knights of St. John and the British have all left their mark. With the assistance of European funding and their own resources, the Maltese are doing all they can to ensure this historical heritage is saved for future generations.

Malta Top Twenty

Grand Harbour
Grand Master's Palace
St. John's Co-Cathedral
National Museum of Archaeology Hypogeum
Tarxien Temples
Hagar Qim & Mnajdra Temples
Ghar Dalam
Cathedral of Ss. Peter & Paul
St. Paul's & St. Agatha's Catacombs
Domus Romana
'Cart Ruts'
Wignacourt Tower
Xemxija Heritage Trail
Skorba & Ta' Hagrat Temples
Victoria Lines
Cittadella, Gozo
Gozo Cathedral
GgantijaTemples, Gozo

Malta history: interactive map
Mdina and Rabat: Cathedral of Ss Peter and Paul, St Paul and St Agatha Catacombs, Cart Ruts Valletta: Grand Harbour, St Johns Co-cathedral, Grand Masters Palace, National Museum of Archaeology Gozo history: Cittadella, Gozo cathedral, Ggantija Temples and the pirate island of Comino North Malta: Wignacourt Tower, Xemxija Heritage Trail, Skorba and Ta Hagrat Temples, Victoria Lines South Malta: Tarxien Temples, Hypogeum, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples, Ghar Dalam cave