Comino Coastline

The tiny island of Comino lies between Malta and Gozo and is almost uninhabited. However, in the summer it is one of the most popular destinations for boat trips - and quite rightly so. The Blue Lagoon is simply stunning, so much so that many visitors venture no further into the island, prefering to swim in the blue crystal waters of the lagoon. However, Comino also boasts two beautiful sandy beaches -Santa Marija and San Niklaw - a hotel, tower, battery, chapel - and its own police station.

Blue Lagoon, CominoBeaches

Blue Lagoon: even on the cloudiest days, the Blue Lagoon lives up to its name - a stunning shade of blue. It's just about impossible to resist swimming in its clear crystal waters.

Santa Marija Bay: much quieter than the Blue Lagoon, this pretty sandy bay is ignored by most visitors to Comino but is excellent for swimming and is in a very attractive location.

San Nikaw Bay: close to the Blue Lagoon, this small sandy bay is overlooked by the Comino Hotel with its excellent facilities.

Getting There

Although most people arrive during the summer on escursions, there is a daily ferry service from Malta, either from Cirkewwa or from the jetty near the Riviera Hotel - providing the sea isn't too rough - and on most days from Mgarr harbour, Gozo.